BIBO by Dani Garcia

Dani Garcia presents a mix of French, Italian, Peruvian, Castilian and Mediterranean cuisine. BiBo has different atmospheres where you can have all sorts of experiences: from a calm conversation at grandma’s table to an enjoyable gathering at the cocktail bar.

Bibo restaurant is open since 2014 and already fully booked every night. This is a “place to be” for a lot of people who visit Marbella and the perfect opportunity to discover the food from the famous Dani Garcia. He is one of the best Spanish chefs and currently the Andalusian chef with the greatest international presence.

Always order in tapas style, this means that you kick-off with some starters to share and if you are still hungry you just simply order more. Don’t forget to mention to your waiter that you are not in a hurry; in Spain we like to take it easy… Mañana mañana!!

TRVLinspirator is advising you to let us know on time when you are ready for Bibo because they are very strict in taking reservations on certain times.