Asador Guadalmina

First time your TRVLinspirator went to this typical Spanish grill restaurant was already a few years ago, now it’s one of the frequently visited restaurants of us.

Don’t be afraid when you arrive, it doesn’t look modern or classy but the food & service are top class! The first part of the restaurant is a typical tapas area, high tables, a bit noisy and all kinds of great small bites. It’s also a good place to watch a nice game of football on their big screen. Further down is the more ‘formal’ restaurant area with his open grill kitchen view.

TRVLinspirator has two words for you in this venue: MEAT & RED WINE. The Chuleton is really truly amazing, full of flavor. If you are a Spanish wine lover you won’t be disappointed. Simply ask the Maître d’ for a wine suggestion and you will appreciate it, surely because they have fair and reasonable prices for their wines.